Why are my brick walls cracking?

If you are reading this it is quite possibly because you have noticed some cracks in your brick walls. You might have noticed these cracks appear randomly or maybe they have come to your attention through a building inspection. Unfortunately you are not alone as cracks in walls are very common in Sydney, especially in […]

The Importance of Soil Testing During a Building Inspection

In the majority of cases, individuals responsible for any new major building project should request for the completion of a foundation inspection report by a suitably qualified professional. Since this step is typically taken for granted, the result can be quite severe, especially in the costs and budgeting of a particular project. Occurrence of such […]

How Are Foundations Checked During a Building Inspection?

Foundations are quite possibly the most important structural element of a building so it is important that they are constructed well and built to last the lifespan of the building. However, changes in ground conditions do not guarantee that this will always be the case. The formation of sinkholes and other unexpected geological hazards may […]